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Upgrading Harvester

Available as of v0.2.0

Harvester provides two ways to upgrade. Users can either upgrade using the ISO image, or upgrade through UI.


  • Upgrading from v0.1.0 is not supported.
  • Upgrading from/to any RC releases is not supported.
  • Due to pending OS changes in the roadmap, the upgradability to the GA release cannot be guaranteed at this moment.
  • Zero downtime upgrade is supported when the Harvester cluster includes 3 or more nodes. If the cluster has less than 3 nodes, you can still perform upgrades but there'll be downtime during the upgrade.
  • Upgrade nodes one by one.

Upgrade using the ISO image

To get the Harvester ISO of a newer version, download it from the Github releases.

  1. Go to the Hosts page in Harvester UI.
  2. Find the node you are about to upgrade. Click on the action dropdown. Click on the Enable Maintenance Mode action.
  3. Wait until all the VMs on the node are migrated to other nodes and the node is in Maintenance Mode status.
  4. Shut down the server, and boot the server from the ISO disk of the newer Harvester version.
  5. Select the Harvester Installer in the grub menu.
  6. Select Upgrade Harvester and confirm in the prompt. iso-mode-upgrade
  7. Wait until the upgrade completes. The node will be rebooted and show Ready again in the terminal console.
  8. Go to the Hosts page in Harvester UI.
  9. Find the node that just completed the upgrade. Click on the action dropdown. Click on the Disable Maintenance Mode action.
  10. For the rest nodes of the cluster, repeat steps 2 to 9 to upgrade them one by one.

Upgrade in the UI

Prerequisite: Internet access is required to perform a live upgrade in the UI.

  1. Go to the Dashboard page in Harvester UI.
  2. When newer versions are available, an upgrade button will be shown in the top-right corner. Click upgrade. upgrade-ui
  3. Select a version to upgrade. Click upgrade.
  4. Wait until the upgrade to complete. You can view the upgrade progress by clicking the circle icon in the top navigation bar.