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Version: v0.3

Harvester CSI Driver

The Harvester Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver provides a CSI interface used by guest Kubernetes clusters in Harvester. It connects to the host cluster and hot-plugs host volumes to the virtual machines (VMs) to provide native storage performance.



  • The Kubernetes cluster is built on top of Harvester virtual machines.
  • The Harvester virtual machines run as guest Kubernetes nodes are in the same namespace.

Deploying with Harvester RKE2 Node Driver

When spinning up a Kubernetes cluster using Rancher RKE2 node driver, the Harvester CSI driver will be deployed when Harvester cloud provider is selected.


Deploying with Harvester RKE1 Node Driver

# depend on kubectl to operate the Harvester cluster
./deploy/ <serviceaccount name> <namespace>