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Version: v1.0


Generate a support bundle

Users can generate a support bundle in the Harvester GUI with the following steps:

  • Click the Support link at the bottom-left of Harvester Web UI.

  • Click Generate Support Bundle button.

  • Enter a useful description for the support bundle and click Create to generate and download a support bundle.

Access Embedded Rancher

You can access the embedded Rancher dashboard via https://{{HARVESTER_IP}}/dashboard/c/local/explorer.


We only support to use the embedded Rancher dashboard for debugging and validation purpose. For Rancher's multi-cluster and multi-tenant integration, please refer to the docs here.

Access Embedded Longhorn

You can access the embedded Longhorn UI via https://{{HARVESTER_IP}}/dashboard/c/local/longhorn.


We only support to use the embedded Longhorn UI for debugging and validation purpose .

I can't access Harvester after I changed SSL/TLS enabled protocols and ciphers

If you changed SSL/TLS enabled protocols and ciphers settings and you no longer have access to Harvester GUI and API, it's highly possible that NGINX Ingress Controller has stopped working due to the misconfigured SSL/TLS protocols and ciphers. Follow these steps to reset the setting:

  1. Following FAQ to SSH into Harvester node and switch to root user.
$ sudo -s
  1. Editing setting ssl-parameters manually using kubectl:
# kubectl edit settings ssl-parameters
  1. Deleting the line value: ... so that NGINX Ingress Controller will use the default protocols and ciphers.
default: '{}'
kind: Setting
name: ssl-parameters
value: '{"protocols":"TLS99","ciphers":"WRONG_CIPHER"}' # <- Delete this line
  1. Save the change and you should see the following response after exit from the editor: edited

You can further check the logs of Pod rke2-ingress-nginx-controller to see if NGINX Ingress Controller is working correctly.