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Version: v1.4 (dev)

Read a Node Network



Get a NodeNetwork object.


Path Parameters

    name stringrequired

    Name of the resource

    namespace stringrequired

    Object name and auth scope, such as for teams and projects

Query Parameters

    exact boolean

    Should the export be exact. Exact export maintains cluster-specific fields like 'Namespace'.

    export boolean

    Should this value be exported. Export strips fields that a user can not specify.



    apiVersion stringrequired
    kind stringrequired
    metadata object
    name stringrequired
    namespace string
    spec object
    description string
    nic string
    nodeName stringrequired
    type string
    status object
    conditions object[]
  • Array [
  • lastTransitionTime string
    lastUpdateTime string
    message string
    reason string
    status stringrequired
    type stringrequired
  • ]
  • networkIDs int32[]
    networkLinkStatus object
    property name* object
    index int32
    mac string
    masterIndex int32
    name stringrequired
    promiscuous boolean
    state string
    type string
    nics object[]
  • Array [
  • index int32required
    masterIndex int32
    name stringrequired
    state stringrequired
    type stringrequired
    usedByManagementNetwork boolean
    usedByVlanNetwork boolean
  • ]