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Version: v0.3


Generate a Support Bundle

Users can generate a support bundle in the Harvester GUI with the following steps:

  • Click the Support link at the bottom-left of Harvester Web UI.

  • Click Generate Support Bundle button.

  • Enter a useful description for the support bundle and click Create to generate and download a support bundle.

Access Embedded Rancher

You can access the embedded Rancher dashboard via https://{{HARVESTER_IP}}/dashboard/c/local/explorer.


We only support to use the embedded Rancher dashboard for debugging and validation purpose. For Rancher's multi-cluster and multi-tenant integration, please refer to the docs here.

Access Embedded Longhorn

You can access the embedded Longhorn UI via https://{{HARVESTER_IP}}/dashboard/c/local/longhorn.


We only support to use the embedded Longhorn UI for debugging and validation purpose .