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The following sections contain tips to troubleshoot or get assistance with failed installations.

Logging into the Harvester Installer (a live OS)

Users can press the key combination CTRL + ALT + F2 to switch to another TTY and log in with the following credentials:

  • User: rancher
  • Password: rancher

Meeting hardware requirements

Receiving the message "Loading images. This may take a few minutes..."

  • Because the system doesn't have a default route, your installer may become "stuck" in this state. You can check your route status by executing the following command:
$ ip route
default via dev harvester-mgmt proto dhcp        <-- Does a default route exist? dev harvester-mgmt proto kernel scope link src
  • Check that your DHCP server offers a default route option. Attaching content from /run/cos/target/rke2.log is helpful too.

Collecting information

Please include the following information in a bug report when reporting a failed installation:

  • A failed installation screenshot.
  • Content of these files:

  • Output of these commands: