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Version: v1.1 (EOL)

Upgrade from v1.0.3 to v1.1.0


Please do not upgrade a running cluster to v1.1.0 if the cluster has the following configuration:

  • The harvester-mgmt network contains two or more network interfaces.
- name: ens5
- name: ens6
method: dhcp
  • Defining a cluster_network in the configuration file with harvester-mgmt network:
enable: true
description: "harvester-mgmt"
defaultPhysicalNIC: harvester-mgmt

Related issue: [BUG] Harvester Upgrade 1.0.3 to 1.1.0 does not handle multiple SLAVE in BOND for management interface

General information

  • Starting from version v1.1.0, Harvester brings in the new VLAN enhancement feature. Due to the implementation changes, all user VMs must shut down during an upgrade. Please stop the VMs before an upgrade.

  • We introduce Storage Network feature in v1.1.0. Due to a known issue, please create required CRDs before using the feature.

Once there is an upgradable version, the Harvester GUI Dashboard page will show an upgrade button. For more details, please refer to start an upgrade.

For the air-gap env upgrade, please refer to prepare an air-gapped upgrade.

Known issues

1. An upgrade is stuck when pre-draining a node

Starting from v1.1.0, Harvester will wait for all volumes to become healthy (when node counts >= 3) before upgrading a node. Generally, users can check volumes' health if an upgrade is stuck in the "pre-draining" state.

Visit "Access Embedded Longhorn" to see how to access the embedded Longhorn GUI.

2. An upgrade is stuck after a node is pre-drained

An upgrade is stuck, as shown in the screenshot below:

3. The monitor dashboard displays nothing after an upgrade

After an upgrade, the user might see the embedded Grafana dashboard doesn't work: